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Keyu Jin, General Petraeus and John Howard on America's future

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Keyu Jin speakerSpeaking at an afternoon panel at the 2014 Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty, General David Petraeus, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; John Howard, the former prime minister of Australia; and Keyu Jin, a Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics considered the question, “After America, what?”.

Keyu contended that it was too early to talk about a post-America world order, and indeed is not talked about at all in China. “China is still a developing country,” she said, and the idea that it’s about to take over the United States is based upon “the wrong metrics” and a “misunderstanding.” “The U.S.’s GDP is twice that of China; China has a lot of time before it can catch up to the U.S.” As such, she concluded that there is a “distinction between [China’s] affecting the world economy and being able to drive it.”

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