Keynote Speakers | In The News (Aug 26th)

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Happy Friday! In the news this week, our top keynote speakers are writing and making headlines in respected and international media. For booking enquiries, or more about these talented thought-leaders, send us a quick email for their speaking topics, expertise and latest availability.

Here are the top stories we recommend this week:


Nouriel Roubini on how globalisation is destabilizing US politics


Huffington Post | The Political Left and Right Are Being Upended by Globalization Politics


Fawaz Gerges explains the fight over Hasaka in Syria


BBC Newshour | Why the Syrians are bombing Kurds in Hasaka?


Joseph Stiglitz on the European debt crisis and his new book

Salon | Salon Talks: Economist Joseph Stiglitz on the future of the Euro and U.S. defense spending


Dr Brian Forde named global influencer in blockchain


Rise | The 100 Most Influential People in Blockchain


Lewis Pugh tackles plastic waste for UN Environment Programme


Medium | The Problem With Litter Isn’t Plastic, It’s Apathy


Dr Nerina Ramlakhan on the bad habits that prevent good sleep

10 ways perfectionism is keeping YOU awake

Daily Mail | 10 ways perfectionism is keeping you awake


Leta Hong Fincher reveals how ‘leftover women’ is used by the Chinese media

Leta Hong Fincher explains how term ‘leftover women’ is Chinese propaganda
Post Magazine | Profile: author Leta Hong Fincher explains how term ‘leftover women’ is Chinese propaganda


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Leta Hong Fincher Speaker
Leta Hong Fincher
Journalist on Gender Inequality in China
Nouriel Roubini Speaker
Nouriel Roubini
Preeminent Economist
Joseph Stiglitz Speaker
Joseph Stiglitz
Winner, Nobel Prize in Economics
Dr Nerina Ramlakhan
Nerina Ramlakhan Speaker
Nerina Ramlakhan
Acclaimed author and expert on Well-Being, Sleep and Personal Productivity
Brian Forde Speaker
Brian Forde
Director of Digital Currency, MIT Media Lab
Lewis Pugh Speaker
Lewis Pugh
Ocean Advocate and Pioneer Swimmer
Fawaz Gerges Speaker
Fawaz Gerges
Expert on the Politics of the Middle East