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Kemal Derviş discusses "Two Europe's in One"

Mackenzie Fant
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Kemal Dervis SpeakerWriting for Project Syndicate, Kemal Derviş discusses the informal talks toward negotiating change, as a referendum on the UK’s continued EU membership, due to take place before the end of 2017.

Given the current dynamic of the UK’s relationship with the EU, Derviş believes changes are necessary, and careful negotiations must be made. He explains, “the UK and its European partners must address long-term issues relating to the changing shape of the Eurozone.” In order to function effectively, the Eurozone must pursue further integration. Derviş details the specific proposals including, a designated Eurozone budget, increased fiscal-policy coordination among members, and a eurozone finance minister.

Derviş encourages splitting Europe into two categories, “Clearly, the need for much greater Eurozone integration must be balanced against some countries’ strong desire to preserve more national sovereignty than is feasible in the monetary union. The best way to do this would be to divide Europe into two groups.” The two groups would consist of a non-euro group, and a euro group. He believes that establishing “two Europes in one,” rather than a “two-speed Europe,” would allow Europe to organise itself in a lasting way. He is optimistic that there is time for progress to be made by the time the UK’s referendum is held.

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Kemal Derviş Speaker
Kemal Derviş
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