John Hulsman on why the West no longer exists

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Writing in City A.M., John Hulsman, a leading geopolitical analyst, details why he thinks the greatest global geopolitical risk is the end of the west, as rising powers realise it simply doesn’t exist any more.

John argues that Barack Obama was elected to lessen American foreign policy risk after the disasters of the Bush administration, but “what once looked like a sensible, limited, pullback of US forces after the promiscuity of the Bush era was instead a run for the exits.” Moreover, he adds that the West’s weak threats and lack of a serious consequences against Russia have made it seem even weaker.

John goes onto say that “the real ace up the sleeves of the dissenting powers…is the total collapse of Europe as a global force.” This is because “Europe is divided between euro creditors and debtors, between the north and the south, with the EU proving itself hugely unpopular almost everywhere…As seen from Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Damascus and Tehran, this is the inspiring, hopeful narrative of Western decline.”

The article is currently the most read and commented in City A.M., and reached number 3 on RealClearWorld in the States. Click here to read the full piece.


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