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John Hulsman on the underrated importance of the India elections

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

The largest democratic exercise in history has begun in India, as 800 million eligible voters head to the polls for the general election. Dr John Hulsman, political risk analyst and senior columnist for City A.M., writes on the underrated importance of these elections, and how just three hurdles stand in the way of economic renaissance.

John argues that the “probable victory of the business-friendly Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP party could do nothing less than jumpstart the moribund sub-continent, placing India on a new, virtuous cycle, and allowing growth to take off once again.”

However for Modi’s government to be successful, John points out that three basic challenges must be overcome:

  1. Win decisively to dominate the likely coalition, a feature that is habitual for India.
  2. Tame a reactionary civil service that is used to moving at a desultory pace at the best of times.
  3. Clarify the role Modi took in the Hindu pogrom in Gujarat in 2000.

John believes that with the BRICs concept fading, India stands out as “the major emerging market with the greatest possibility of further catch-up growth on the cards.”

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