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John Hulsman reflects on what we can learn from D-Day

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

John HulsmanIn today’s City A.M., Dr John Hulsman, a prolific foreign affairs commentator, argued that our leaders have forgotten the spirit of D-Day – and why it saved the world.

John was struck by a conversation he had with sergeant Charles Bookman Fair, a friend of his father who led an eight-man rifled mortar squad on D-Day. When asked about his experiences on the battlefield Fair told John, “I believed in what we were doing, I believed in our allies, and I believed in our leaders.” Noting this, John points out that there is a canyon’s worth of difference between this attitude and Allied foreign policy today.

A key issue is that during that point in history there was a sense of clarity about what the Allies were trying to accomplish. John argues that now, however, American foreign policy is in a murky world of multipolarity and “without such clarity, Washington will never be able to build the domestic political consensus needed to successfully execute any sort of long-term foreign policy.”

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