Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin: China’s new anti-West axis

Geopolitics speaker John Hulsman on China’s new anti-West axis

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

John HulsmanIn today’s City A.M. Dr John Hulsman, a leading geopolitical speaker and analyst, explains what he believes is the biggest story since the end of the Cold War: China’s new anti-West axis.

Focusing on the seismic global shift instigated by President Putin’s huge gas deal with China’s Xi Jinping last month, the new economic tie-up that John’s political risk firm predicted ahead of the fact, John argues that the deal is first and foremost about geopolitics. This follows from Putin’s brief visit to Shanghai last month, where Xi proposed a new regional Asian security organisation, including Russia, Turkey, and Iran, but excluding the US.

John therefore see gas deal as “part of a larger Sino-Russian diplomatic gambit – admittedly still in its very early stages – presenting the first real geopolitical challenge to the United States in a generation.” He goes on to warn that “if China and Russia find general common cause and move closer to each other than either is to America, the global chessboard is irrevocably altered.”

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