Jim O’Neill’s new book: The BRIC Road to Growth (LPL, 2013)

Jim O'NeillJim O’Neill, the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and creator of the BRICs acronym, is publishing a sequel to The Growth Map (Penguin, 2011) on 23 November 2013.

The book comes out at the same time as Jim is recording a programme for BBC Radio 4 on the global economy seen through the prism of four growth markets – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.

The BRIC Road to Growth is being published by the London Publishing Partnership as part of a series called Perspectives – essays on big ideas by leading writers, each given free rein and a modest word limit to reframe an issue of great contemporary interest. The series is edited by the economist Diane Coyle. Here’s more:

“[The BRIC Road to Growth] makes a strong case for a radical overhaul of global economic governance to put these powerful new economies at the heart of decision-making. The author argues that, while the new growth economies still have significant policy adjustments to make, it is also essential for old-world economies to learn from them too and to accept the new order. He looks at the roles of China, Korea and Africa and at the scale of South-South trade. What does all this mean for the EU and for the UK in particular? How should the world engage with the new economic powerhouses?”

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