Jim O’Neill begins MINT series on BBC Radio 4

Jim O'NeillThis morning, Jim O’Neill began his highly anticipated flagship BBC Radio 4 series MINT: The Next Economic Giants.

MINT is Jim’s latest acronym which describes the next big economies to impact upon the world – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. For this programme, Jim will travel to each of the four countries to uncover their aspirations and, crucially, analyse their chances of realising them.

Gwyneth Williams, Controller, Radio 4 says: “We have seen the impact of the BRIC countries over the last decade – not just on our economics and politics but on our thinking, our culture, art, dance, literature and music. Now Radio 4 picks and visits the next emerging group of countries. What are the driving ideas and issues in these societies? Come with us as we find out what the countries Jim O’Neill has labelled MINT have in store for us.”

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