Javier Solana, former Secretary-General of NATO, calls for “a multi-stakeholder approach to creating governance structures for the Internet”

Javier Solana speakerWriting for Project Syndicate, former Secretary-General of NATO Javier Solana calls for “a multi-stakeholder approach to creating governance structures for the Internet.”

Javier notes that information and communication technologies have become a central part of everyday life for most of the world’s population. Whilst these technologies generate enormous benefits, he argues that they are also risky, owing to the ease of accessing data and using it for criminal purposes. Cyber attacks are already vastly increasing in number, sophistication, magnitude, and impact.

Javier goes on to say that although cyber crime is highly internationalised, a global governance regime has yet to be fully developed. He argues that various initiatives, such as The Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS), are limited in effectiveness by “the fact that the three largest cyberspace powers – the United States, China, and Russia – have not agreed on a common treaty to harmonise national laws or facilitate cooperation.”

“The international community has put in place minimal codes that regulate areas like health and nuclear weapons proliferation,” Javier concludes, “There is no reason why we cannot do the same in cyberspace.”

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