Is Spring giving way to Autumn ...?

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

What happens next in Libya? The UK has fallen in step with France and the US and recognised the National Transition Council in Benghazi, but as John Simpson said on the BBC yesterday this ties up some diplomatic loose ends – it will have no impact on the ground, where the rebels seem to be making slow progress against Gaddafi’s forces. Today, British Foreign Minister William Hague predicts the region will experience “a lot of problems and even convulsions” (The Times) in the coming months.

Justin Marrozi, the journalist and writer who has been travelling to Libya all his life, has been keeping us well briefed. Justin has been in Benghazi a great deal since the beginning of the uprising, reporting for the BBC. Here he is during a visit to our office last month.

There are other outstanding commentators on the Arab Spring and its unravelling consequences in North Africa and the Middle East, many of whom we have been lucky enough to work with. These include the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen, Peter Bergen, Professor Farwaz Gerges, Ambassador Nick Burns, Dr Alia Brahimi, Professor Rosemary Hollis, Xan Smiley and Dr Laura Ann Colton. Each of them has outstanding insights to share.