Investing for Purpose and Profit

Karen O'Donnell
editor at Chartwell Speakers

A mounting body of research is making the case that the financial benefits of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing are as important as the approach’s environmental and societal benefits.

Firms and investors are seeking additional sustainable investing opportunities for a better return as well as doing their part in making the planet a better place.   This drive towards sustainable investing is not just led by professional investors, but it is increasingly demanded by employees and even our families.    

Much better to do good while doing well.     

We do however need to be careful that sustainable investments meet rigorous criteria, so they are what they say they are and they avoid ‘greenwashing’.  Keep the marketing rhetoric to a minimum and use trusted frameworks guided by science. 

Speakers who can provide up-to-date ideas, information and insights on Sustainable Investing include;

Kate Raworth –  Acclaimed ‘Doughnut’ economist, focused on the economic mindset needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges.

Barbara Krumsiek – Globally Recognized Leader in Sustainable Investing – ex CEO of Calvert Investments – Named one of the Most 100 Influential in Business Ethics.

George Serafeim – Harvard Business School Professor and pioneering authority on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and implementation.

Mike Berners-Lee – Author of bestseller ‘There is no Planet B, a Handbook for the Make or Break Years’ – Adviser on Investing for a Sustainable Future​.

Jim Mellon – Visionary Entrepreneur and Legendary Investor.  Author of five books including ‘Moo’s Law -An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution’.

Sir Ronald Cohen – Iconic investor – Author of  ‘Impact- Reshaping capitalism to drive real change’ –  Chairman of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

For more speakers on Sustainability in general – please click here.


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