Introducing the UK’s leading political commentators

British politics has rarely been so unpredictable. As the opinion polls continue to put the Conservatives and Labour neck and neck – alongside growing support for the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) – political uncertainty and the weakening eurozone economy is hitting confidence across the board.

The 2015 General Election will set this country’s course over the size of the state, the treatment of the poor and the foreign, and about controlling the deficit. Even more importantly, it will pass a verdict about the unity of the UK itself, and the relationship with the nations of Europe.

The result of May 7th is famously hard to call, with Westminster’s mainstream parties under attack from the margins. Will UKIP deny David Cameron a second term in Downing Street? Will the SNP quash Ed Miliband’s hopes? Will the Greens obliterate the LibDems? And what will the result mean for the future of the United Kingdom, and our fraught relationship with the European Union?

Here are some of the UK’s leading political commentators:

Alastair Campbell speaker

Alastair Campbell: Former spin doctor & No. 10 strategist.

Danny Finkelstein speaker

Daniel Finkelstein: Executive Editor of The Times.

Janan Ganesh speaker

Janan Ganesh: Political columnist for the Financial Times.

Gerard Lyons speaker

Gerard Lyons: Chief Economic Adviser to Boris Johnson.

Bronwen Maddox speaker

Bronwen Maddox: Editor & Chief Executive of Prospect magazine.

Emily Maitlis speaker

Emily Maitlis: BBC Newsnight’s political editor & news presenter.

Andrew Neil speaker

Andrew Neil: Veteran BBC broadcaster & presenter of “The Daily Politics”.

Ben Page speaker

Ben Page: Influential pollster specialising in UK/EU politics.

Michael Portillo speaker

Michael Portillo: The “best leader the Conservative Party never had.”

Mary Ann Sieghart

Mary Ann Sieghart: 30 years’ experience reporting on the UK political scene.

















































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