jeremy fleming
Toby Mossop
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Technology now forms one of the most competitive and contested domains, in an increasingly uncertain world. In an era of complex cyber threats, it is vital that democracies are equipped to understand and tackle them head on, as well as to exploit opportunities that new technologies can bring.

Sir Jeremy Fleming was the Director of GCHQ, the UK’s largest Intelligence Agency, from 2017 – 2023, overseeing its development into a world-leading cyber organisation during a period of significant geop‚Äčolitical turmoil and technology advancement. Jeremy advised the Prime Minister on intelligence, security, cyber and technology issues, including as part of the National Security Council and the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Jeremy is exceptionally well placed to offer insights to global businesses on cyber, technology trends and in particular the nexus between geopolitics and technology.

If you would like to invite Jeremy to speak at your event, please let me know.