Jeremy Hunt, Exclusive Speaker on the Pandemic, Politics and International Affairs

Toby Mossop
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Jeremy Hunt is one of the most well known faces in British politics, having held senior cabinet posts for nearly a decade. Currently serving as Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee, he is responsible for scrutinising the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeremy is able to combine his experiences as the longest ever serving Secretary of State for Health, as well as Foreign Secretary, to provide expert analysis on the current global pandemic and the geopolitical fallout.

He is not only exceptionally well-placed to comment on the vaccine rollout, the COVID-19 recovery plan and the way forward, but also on wider international affairs including the US/China trade relationship, the Biden Administration, Brexit and the European Union. He talks about the shifting world order, with China’s economy set to overtake the US by 2028, and the ways in which liberal democracies will need to adapt and innovate to keep pace.​

Chartwell exclusively represents Jeremy Hunt for speaking engagements. To enquire about booking Jeremy or another speaker, please get in touch.

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Protected: Jeremy Hunt
Longest serving UK Secretary of State for Health