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Introducing James Wilks

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Chartwell are delighted to be representing James Wilks in his speaking engagements.

James Wilks is a former athlete and MMA fighter who has become one of the world’s leading advocates of a plant-based diet. James’ support for veganism is based on his own experience. After suffering an injury that ended his MMA career, James turned to a new way of eating in recovery and found it transformed his well-being.

James is the producer and star of ‘The Game Changers’ documentary. The film looks at the scientific evidence behind the benefits of veganism. James speaks to other prominent vegans, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton, and Dotsie Bausch. James also examines the wider environmental benefits of changing our eating habits. Meat, dairy, egg, and fish farming uses 83% of the world’s farmland yet only provide 18% of the world’s calories.

The film was hugely popular and is believed to be one of Netflix’s most-watched shows ever. According to Google Trends, the worldwide interest in plant-based eating more than tripled within a week of the film hitting Netflix.

In a climate where vegans are often caricatured as evangelical, James takes a refreshingly pragmatic view. He thinks it is unrealistic to expect people to turn to a wholly vegan diet. Instead, he suggests an incremental approach whereby people aim to have a meat-free day each week or even month. If large numbers could make small changes towards more plant-based eating, it would have a substantial effect on world health and the environment.

The future of food is a pertinent topic as we feed a growing world population while fighting climate change. James Wilks argues that plant-based eating has a significant part to play in this. Meat substitutes are becoming increasingly common and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. US sales of plant-based alternatives jumped by 200% in April alone.

James is a thought-provoking speaker for anyone wanting to improve their own mental and physical health. He also offers unrivalled insight into the food market and the growth of companies like ‘Impossible Foods’ and ‘Beyond Meat’.

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