Introducing: Debora MacKenzie

Rafe Fletcher
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Author of Covid-19: The Pandemic That Never Should Have Happened, And How To Stop The Next One

Chartwell is delighted to represent Debora MacKenzie for her speaking engagements.

Debora has written the first comprehensive account of this year’s Covid-19 pandemic. Debora traces the virus’ origins back to Wuhan, critically examining the actions of the international community, and how its spread might have been prevented. Debora looks at the science behind the Coronavirus, explaining it clearly to a general audience. She goes on to advocate policy changes needed prevent a more fatal outbreak in the future.

“Mackenzie, [a] feted writer with New Scientist, puts her experience of covering emerging diseases to excellent use here. She analyses clearly and authoritatively how the coronavirus pandemic played out, what governments should have done, and what we need to do when it happens again – as it undoubtedly will.” Financial Times

Debora MacKenzie has been covering emerging diseases for more than 30 years as a science journalist for outlets like New Scientist magazine. She has been reporting on COVID-19 from the start, and she was among the first journalists to suggest that it could become a pandemic. From SARs to rabies and Ebola to AIDS, she’s been on the frontline in reporting on how pandemics form, why they spread, and how to stop them throughout her career. In addition to infectious disease, she also specializes in reporting on the science of complexity and social organization. In 2010, she won the American Society for Microbiology Public Communication Award. Before becoming a journalist, she worked as a biomedical researcher.

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