Daniel Langer in VR headset
Mackenzie Coke
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Keynotes and Master classes on metaverse implications for luxury, lifestyle, hospitality, and consumer brands

Daniel Langer headshot

We’re pleased to introduce Daniel Langer to Chartwell’s roster of speakers.  He is one of the world’s most renowned experts on luxury, lifestyle, and consumer brands in a digitally disrupted world and with Millennials and Gen Z.  He was named one of the global “Top Five Luxury Key Opinion Leaders to Watch 2021” by Netbase Quid. He founded the luxury strategy firm Équité and is also the executive professor of Luxury Strategy at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

The rise of Generation Z, and the ever-increasing influence of the cyber world mean that luxury, lifestyle, and consumer companies need radically change their game – to one that fuses physical and cyber fantasies – to drive desirability in a fluid fashion across digital and physical consumer experiences.  Frankly, most luxury players are not ready, still clinging to their traditional craftsmanship-driven, “inside-out” approach. Similarly, brands in other categories, from lifestyle to consumer goods struggle to get ready for the metaverse.  It becomes of utmost urgency to adopt a radically customer-orientated approach and start reinventing the customer experience in the metaverse.

The game has changed and brands have to take action or risk losing out completely. However, through Daniel’s work in deeply analyzing and optimizing brands in markets from fashion to jewelry, from luxury sports cars to private aviation, from beauty care to food categories, from hospitality to events – naming a few-, categories and brands in the luxury, lifestyle, and consumer sectors often have a lack of understanding and preparedness to address the magnitude of change. This is compounded by massive deficits in brand storytelling, customer journey strategy and digital competitive advantage. The metaverse requires a different approach, more agile, culturally-open, tech-savvy, less playing not to lose, but playing to win in multiple dimensions and disciplines.

“Daniel was such a wonderful asset for our event.  Our customers found his keynote extremely helpful for their business, and it was a pleasure to have him join us for dinner.”


Daniel is perfectly prepared to guide managers in playing to win in this new reality. With his team he consults some of the world’s most admired and iconic luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands and also several luxury startups and smaller brands. Daniel is the author of several top-rated luxury management books in English and Chinese and is frequently featured in leading global media publications including The Economist, Forbes, New York Times, Nikkei, Luxury Daily, and Jing Daily. His education includes Harvard Business School and he holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in luxury management.

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