international womens day

Speakers for International Women's Day 2022

Karen O'Donnell
editor at Chartwell Speakers

#IWD2022 #BreakTheBias

IWD has been celebrated since 1911 – much progress has been made since that first event but there is still much work to do to achieve gender equality across the board and around the globe.

The call to action for this year’s International Women’s Day is to #BreakTheBias​.    

This means giving women a full and fair chance to succeed and to allow us to shine as equally, and with the same advantages as others in the workplace.    This should be freely given and fully encouraged –  not because of any legal obligations but because women are a source of amazing talent and a strong and resilient organisation can only be built on the shoulders of a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

In practice, this means greater transparency in how recruitment decisions are made and how people are paid.  It means equal training opportunities and to being flexible in how work gets done – we have all learned how to do that better in the last two years thanks to the pandemic.   

We work with a wonderful array of speakers who can share their ideas and perspectives for your IWD event.  Here are a few to consider – please contact us for more ideas and to check availability and fees.

While these speakers are all women, we also work many other speakers who can talk about ways to become a more diverse and inclusive society – please contact us to explore how we can be of support.


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