"Imperfect deal will help an uneasy peace" writes Ambassador Nicholas Burns, expert speaker on US foreign policy

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Nicholas Burns speakerWriting in the FT on the historic nuclear agreement with Iran, Nicholas Burns, a leading analyst of US foreign policy in the Middle East, believes that an “imperfect deal will help an uneasy peace.”

Describing the negotiations as the “biggest foreign policy bet of Barack Obama’s presidency,” Nick argues that the deal will be “far from what was once envisaged at the State Department.” However, as “Iran now has the scientific and engineering knowledge needed to build a nuclear weapons…it is unrealistic to try to resurrect the demands of a decade ago.”

Despite this, Nick writes that “the Obama administration will have to fight to convince Congress that this is the right deal.” He notes that although the deal with Iran is a major accomplishment for the US and Europe – as it will help to keep an uneasy peace – this is merely the latest step in the “decades-long struggle for power with a wilful and often untrustworthy Iranian government.”

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