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Covid-19 Experts - the science behind the decisions

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

How do we leave this lockdown?

It is over a month since Italy’s lockdown; an event that confirmed the truly global nature of this pandemic. Similar restrictions have now been implemented throughout every continent, bringing the world economy to a standstill. Economists may offer post-crisis solutions, but businesses first need clarity on when we might return to some semblance of our pre-2020 lives.

Business as usual cannot restart until we have a widespread vaccine or cure, according to the scientific consensus. Governments will not allow their economies to remain static until then. They will rely on the world’s top virologists to advise on what restrictions can be gradually lifted over the coming months. After years of populism, technocracy will dominate policy this year.

Chartwell is fortunate to work with some of the world’s foremost virologists. These experts in infectious diseases draw on a wealth of learning and experience to advise on Covid-19’s likely trends. Their thoughts on the necessary political actions to counter the pandemic are influential with policy makers worldwide.

John Nicholls
Clinical Professor of Pathology at HKU. Dr Nicholls believes social distancing will need to continue for at least a year but has expressed cautious optimism that the summer weather will provide the Northern Hemisphere with a ‘break’ from the worst of the crisis

Adam Kucharski
Associate Professor and Sir Henry Dale Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Adam recently took part in a TED interview to discuss how we can best control the pandemic

Jeremy Farrar
Director of the Wellcome Trust and former Professor of Tropical Medicine at Oxford University

Christl Donnelly
Professor of Statistical Epidemiology at Imperial College and Oxford University. Christl is working for the WHO on COVID-19 transmissibility, the case fatality ratio, the effectiveness of international surveillance and the predicted impacts of control measures among other topics

Ilaria Capua
Italian virologist and former politician best known for her work on influenza viruses. She has promoted a culture of increased transparency in the sharing of viruses’ gentic traits

Planning for the near future has rarely been more difficult and we hope the scientists above can assist you. Chartwell is offering their expertise in the form of a webinar, video conference, or telephone conversation.

We recognise that this crisis may require an ongoing conversation as policy adapts to the latest developments. To accommodate this, Chartwell can offer a deal on a set number of hours with these experts to be used at your convenience.