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Gerard Lyons, economics speaker, on why London is the place to be

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Gerard Lyons speakerGerard Lyons, a leading economics speaker and Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, discusses why London is the place to be, and comments on how it can retain its new status as the world’s most favourite place to visit.

This claim was confirmed by the MasterCard Global Cities Index, which told us that in 2014 London will welcome a staggering 18.7 million visitors, making it the world’s number one place to visit. Gerard believes that it is London’s abundance of “cash, commodity and creativity” that has allowed for such titles. However, although London is bound to always be a top tourist destination, Gerard argues that the greater challenge will be to ensure it remains the number one place to work and live.

He advises that “London needs to play to its strengths, adapt and change and anticipate the changing drivers of the world economy…The capital has to remain open to inward investment and as receptive to global ideas as possible. I think it will — but it requires continued investment and change.”

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Gerard Lyons Speaker
Gerard Lyons
Chief Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson