Geopolitics speaker

Geopolitics speaker Bronwen Maddox, in conversation with the Foreign Secretary

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

This week we attended an excellent discussion on Britain’s place in the world, hosted by Prospect Magazine.  Geopolitics speaker Bronwen Maddox, chaired the discussion event with Philip Hammond, the British Foreign Secretary, in the foreign offices, Locarno Suite.   The topics under discussion included:  Britain’s referendum on EU membership, Britain’s strained relationship with Russia over Ukraine and Syria, and how Britain’s relationship with the US might be affected were Donald Trump to be in the White House come the end of the year.  On the subject of Britain’s ongoing EU negotiations, the Foreign Secretary made it clear that the government would not make any concessions in order to reach an earlier referendum, “If we are not close enough, then as the PM said, it’s more important that we get the right deal than a quick deal.”

The discussion was followed by some lively questions from members of the audience, including Richard Dawkins who questioned why the UK should be having a referendum at all, “on something as complicated and important as Europe, why on earth hand it over to the British people”?

To hear the full discussion, CLICK HERE

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