Expert Speakers – Topical Issues 2012

It’s hard to believe that 2012 will be as eventful and dramatic a year as 2011, but we live in uncertain times.

Next year will witness the stabilisation of the Eurozone, or further steps towards its restructuring. India and China will seek to maintain their breathtaking rates of economic growth despite the sluggishness of the industrialised world. We may see the political shockwaves unleashed by the Arab Spring resolved. The US will go to the polls for the presidential elections. And, in July, the world will come to London for the 30th Olympiad.

To help you and your colleagues plan your 2012 event programme we have produced Expert Speakers – Topical Issues 2012. This electronic brochure includes next year’s hot topics, video clips, speaker biographies and a comprehensive list of speakers we admire around the world.

Expert Speakers – Topical Issues 2012 has been put together by our research teams in London, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore. We hope you find it valuable.

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Speakers We Admire