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Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

From wearable devices telling us how to measure and manage our health, to billions of dollars being spent by governments and private donors worldwide on healthcare reform, digitalisation and forward thinking innovation is driving significant disruption in the global healthcare industry.

Obamacare is changing healthcare in the US, whilst in China the ailing healthcare system is predicted to be modernised by tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent, who are looking to develop online prescription-drug sales and reshape the country’s $149 billion market.

Here are some speakers who offer insights into these disruptions by connecting them to the economy, healthy lifestyles, management and more. They also prioritise the healthcare issues facing the world today, share solutions on how to mitigate risks, and generate discussion on the impact of future healthcare technologies.

Linda Douglass speaker
Linda Douglass: former Director of Communications for the White House Office of Health Reform (2009-10).
Paul Farmer speaker
Paul Farmer: renowned doctor, medical anthropologist & Founding Director of Partners In Health.
Suneel Gupta speaker
Suneel Gupta: co-founder & CEO of RISE, using mHealth to tackle America’s obesity epidemic.
Sarah Harper speaker
Sarah Harper: global thought leader & government advisor on the demographics of the 21st century.
Michio Kaku speaker
Michio Kaku: widely known populariser of science & expert on disruptive future heathcare tech.
Daniel Kraft speaker
Daniel Kraft: pioneering physician-scientist, inventor & entrepreneur in biomedicine.
Trudie Lang speaker
Trudie Lang: drives improvement in global heath by using the latest innovations in digital technology.
Jim O’Neill speaker
Jim O’Neill: appointed by British PM David Cameron to Chair a Review into AMR (antimicrobial resistance).
Jill Bolte Taylor speaker
Jill Bolte Taylor: Harvard-trained neuroanatomist and best-selling author of “Stroke of Insight” (2008).


James Vaupel speaker
James Vaupel: expert on the impact that demographics will have on the economy of the future.









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Linda Douglass Speaker
Linda Douglass
Veteran network correspondent and communications consultant
Protected: Paul Farmer Speaker
Protected: Paul Farmer
Renowned Doctor & Humanitarian
Suneel Gupta Speaker
Suneel Gupta
Expert, Connecting Well-Being and Performance; Healthcare Entrepreneur; Bestselling Author; Host, American Express "Business Class" Docuseries; Visiting Scholar, Harvard Medical School
Sarah Harper Speaker
Sarah Harper
World-leading Expert on Population Ageing and Advisor to European and Asian governments
Michio Kaku Speaker
Michio Kaku
World Leading Populariser of Science
Daniel Kraft Speaker
Daniel Kraft
Biomedical Entrepreneur
Jim O’Neill Speaker
Jim O’Neill
Economist and Policy Maker
James Vaupel Speaker
James Vaupel
Pioneering expert on ageing and demography