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Expert speakers on global cybersecurity challenges and mitigation

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

President Barack Obama has described cyber attack as posing “one of the gravest national-security dangers” to the US. During a recent visit to Washington DC, British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that cyberwarfare “is an evolving threat which poses a real risk to our businesses.” In January, the US and UK announced a new programme of cyber war games in order to test their defences against attack.

There are three key reasons why the danger of cyber attacks has increased:

  • Governments, businesses and individuals are increasingly data-dependent.
  • Digital infrastructure is becoming ever more complex, making it harder to police.
  • Highly sophisticated hacking groups have suddenly risen in number.

Educating employees, say experts, is paramount. So is new legislation that strikes the right balance between security, and internet freedom.

Here are a number of world leading experts we’d like to recommend on cyber warfare, cyber-security, data management and internet freedom. To book these speakers for your event, or for more ideas on digital security experts, please get in touch.

Jamie Bartlett speaker
Jamie Bartlett: author of “The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld” (2014).
Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow: global thought leader on digital privacy & open source technology.
Misha Glenny speaker
Misha Glenny: leading commentator on organised crime & cyber-security.
Annie Machon speaker
Annie Machon: former MI5 intelligence officer & expert on surveillance.
Ramesh Narayanaswamy speaker
Ramesh Narayanaswamy: tech leader & CIO for Singapore Post.
David Rowan speaker
David Rowan: editor of Wired (UK), the leading digital trends & technology magazine.
Howard Schmidt speaker
Howard Schmidt: former “cyber czar” for US President Barack Obama & George W. Bush.
Jonathan Shaw (Original)
Jonathan Shaw: former Director of UK Special Forces & authority on cyberspace.









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Jamie Bartlett Speaker
Jamie Bartlett
Specialist in Online Culture & Technology
Cory Doctorow Speaker
Cory Doctorow
Global thought leader on digital privacy & tech
Misha Glenny Speaker
Misha Glenny
Specialist on international organised crime and cyber security
Annie Machon Speaker
Annie Machon
Former MI5 Intelligence Officer & Famed Whistleblower
Ramesh Narayanaswamy Speaker
Ramesh Narayanaswamy
Chief Information Officer, Singapore Post
David Rowan Speaker
David Rowan
Founding Editor-in-chief, WIRED magazine UK
Howard Schmidt Speaker
Howard Schmidt
Leading Authority on Global Cybersecurity
Jonathan Shaw Speaker
Jonathan Shaw
Expert on Cyber Security, Global Conflict & Leadership