Excellent feedback for Jonathan Shaw

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Jonathan ShawJonathan Shaw, expert on cyber security and one of the most distinguished soldiers of his generation, has once again received excellent feedback for his latest keynote.

Here’s what Tony Henderson, co-founder of Oxford Technology Media & Finance Network, had to say on Jonathan’s performance:

“We were extremely fortunate to have Jonathan Shaw as our guest speaker at our New Year Networking event in January. I had been longing to do an event on Leadership for some time, but to have Jonathan speak on the topic raised the level of our event to new heights. Jonathan’s extraordinary insight into a range of topics including asking the right questions, establishing a bond of trust and how to command effectively really resonated with our audience. His participation in significant historical events served to illustrate vividly the points he was making.

Jonathan reminded us all in business world how we have become very distracted by technology, egos and money, also how we so easily forget the human side that actually makes up an organisation. For a man who has achieved so much and made such a huge contributions to our armed forces and our nation’s history, I thought his humility and simplicity of approach were astonishing. In over nine years of running executive level events, I have yet to find a speaker of a higher calibre than Jonathan. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have an audience with Jonathan will come away richer in thought, fired with intent and inspired to do better. I know I was.”

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