Jonathan Shaw: The Challenge of Cyber-Security

The internet is rapidly transforming business, politics and society all over the world. It is revolutionising industries from banking to manufacturing, has helped topple dictators, and permeates our private lives: an American study found that in 2010, 1 in every 8 married couples met online. Another found that in the US, children as young as 8 consume an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes of electronic content per day. Every two days we now create as much data as all of humanity did up until 2003.

Does this Digital Age signal a new era of democratic freedom, social inclusion and unprecedented economic growth? Or does it present as many risks as it does opportunities? What new dangers do we face now that states are using cyber weapons and warfare is going digital? How can business insulate itself from these threats? How do we ensure that the vast quantity of data we produce is protected and policed effectively?

We are delighted that Major General Jonathan Shaw CB CBE (Rtd), former Head of the UK’s Defence Cyber Security Programme, will be joining ATG|Chartwell to discuss these vitally important issues surrounding cyber-security.

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