How to get the UK Economy Moving

Despite some glimmers of optimism, the UK’s economy remains stuck, with Chancellor George Osborne announcing in his Autumn Statement that the government will miss its deficit reduction plans by three years, and that austerity will continue until at least 2018. The Eurozone may be out of the worst, but its economy is stagnant; a US recovery is threatened by political inertia.

As business gears up for a new year, what positive measures can each of us take to get the UK economy moving again? How can ‘soft’ skills such as networking enhance our ability to innovate and collaborate to increase productivity, well-being and new opportunities on a day-by-day basis?

Can policy makers do more to create an environment in which individuals feel motivated to succeed and innovate? How can government direct investment and adjust regulation so that individual businesses feel confident enough to expand and recruit?

Chartwell is joined by the founder of the media networking business Editorial Intelligence and the world’s first Professor of Networking, Julia Hobsbawm, and the economist and City A.M. Editor Allister Heath.