Evening Discussion with Harper Reed, Chief Technology Officer on Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign

The $400m Obama For America (OFA) campaign was the first to use Facebook and Twitter to promote its message. Its digital operation – including advanced data science, crowdsourcing and social networks – was unprecedented in the history of politics anywhere, and was identified as playing a vital role in re-electing the President.

How did OFA use technology to recruit and mobilise supporters, raise funds and get out the vote? What was it like working on such an intense campaign, day-after-day, month-after-month? And how are social networks changing how each of us engage with politics, and government? What can business and the media learn from OFA?

To discuss these issues, as well as looking ahead to how new technology innovations are changing the way we behave and communicate, we will be joined by Harper Reed, the technology engineer recruited to build President Obama’s digital campaign platform through 2012, and Greg Williams, Executive Editor print and digital at WIRED, London.

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