Andrew Strauss on Leadership

Andrew Strauss is one of only 3 England Captains ever to successfully lead England to Ashes victories home and away – the first in over 30 years. He played 100 Tests, captaining England in 50 of them and leading his side to number 1 position in the World.

For Andrew, captaincy was more than leading the team on the pitch; it was about planning the team’s strategy both in the short-term to win matches, and in the long-term to achieve England’s ambition of becoming the world’s leading Test nation.

We are joined by Andrew Strauss to find out what was the key to his success and how he learnt from failure. What does he believe good leadership looks like? What are the responsibilities of a leader ‘on and off the pitch’, and what can business learn from the world of elite sport?

Read our Report of the discussion.