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Erik Wahl outlines the five traits of creative leaders

Mackenzie Coke
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Writing for Fast Company, internationally recognised artist, and best-selling author Erik Wahl outlines the five traits of creative leaders, and how to become one. As the number of people who are becoming self-employed is growing, it is a sign that more people are comfortable taking leadership into their own hands. Wahl believes that becoming a successful leader not only takes courage, but also demands creativity. By tapping into this creative intelligence, you are able to keep ahead of the crowd.

According to Wahl, the five traits that most creative leaders possess are as follows:

  • They rattle cages
  • They listen to intuition
  • They move fast
  • They have convictions and stick to them
  • They don’t (only) do what’s expected of them

Wahl concludes, “Ultimately, the real difference between you and the creative leaders who inspire you is action. You have the innate capacity to develop all the qualities they possess. The key is to start. Start today. Start now. Don’t wait around until life demands something of you—it always will. That’s not what leaders do.”

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Erik Wahl Speaker
Erik Wahl
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