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Economics speaker Gerard Lyons presents: "The Europe Report: A Win-Win Situation"

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Gerard Lyons speakerIn “The Europe Report: A Win-Win Situation” the Mayor of London’s Chief Economic Advisor, Dr Gerard Lyons, considers how London’s economy would be affected by four different scenarios based on the UK’s relationship with Europe in 20 years time. London alone is currently the ninth biggest economy in western Europe and its £350bn economy represents 22.5 per cent of the entire UK economy.

It is the first time that an economic forecast regarding London’s relationship with the EU has looked two decades into the future and their results, according to Gerard, clearly indicate that the best economic scenario for London would be for the UK to remain part of a reformed European Union. However they also indicate that a scenario where the UK leaves the EU but continues to conduct outward looking and positive economic policies with the EU and the wider world offers nearly the same level of benefits.

A third scenario where the UK remains in an unreformed EU offers far less opportunity for economic growth and a worst case scenario where the UK leaves the EU and operates isolationist economic policies would cost London’s economy more than one million jobs.

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Gerard Lyons Speaker
Gerard Lyons
Chief Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson