To Dare More Boldly: The Audacious Story of Political Risk

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

In March 2018, Dr John Hulsman will release his 14th book to date:  To Dare More Boldly – The Audacious Story of Political Risk. In this new work, Dr John Hulsman, as one of the world’s leading geopolitical practitioners,  aims to tackle our baffling new multipolar world, a world desperately calling for new ways of thinking, particularly when it comes to political risk. To Dare More Boldly tells the story of the rise of political risk analysis, both as a discipline and a lucrative high-stakes industry that guides the strategic decisions of corporations and governments around the world. It assesses why recent predictions have gone so wrong, and boldly puts forward ten analytical commandments that can stand the test of time.

From a wide-ranging and entertaining survey of world history, John Hulsman looks at examples as seemingly unconnected as the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Third Crusade, the Italian Renaissance, America’s founders, Napoleon, the Battle of Gettysburg, the British Empire, the Kaiser’s Germany, the breakup of the Beatles, Charles Manson, and Deng Xiaoping’s China. Hulsman makes sense of yesterday’s world, and in doing so provides an invaluable conceptual toolkit for navigating today’s.

To Dare More Boldly creatively explains why political risk analysis is vital for business and political leaders alike, and authoritatively establishes the analytical rules of thumb that practitioners need to do it effectively.

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