Dambisa Moyo Speaker

Dambisa Moyo shares a marshall plan for the United States

Mackenzie Coke
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Dambisa Moyo Speaker Writing for Project Syndicate, Dambisa Moyo addresses the US infrastructure problem, such as the lack of spending on roads, airports, railways, telecommunication networks and power generation.

Moyo urges that the problem can no longer be ignored, and the US needs to be spending money to help rebuild our infrastructure. In neglecting the necessary ongoing investments needed to maintain infrastructure, the US has put itself on a difficult path, which will drag down economic growth for years to come.

Moyo cites a report given by the American Society of Civil Engineers, concluding that a “$3.6 trillion investment (roughly one-fifth of the country’s annual GDP) will be needed by 2020 to boost the equality of US infrastructure by addressing the “Significant backlog of overdue maintenance [and the] pressing need for modernisation.”

To find a solution to the problem, Moyo recommends for US President, Barak Obama to establish a bipartisan Infrastructure Commission, which would remove the pressures of day-today politics from the decision.

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