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Curtis S. Chin on China and it's AIIB partners

Mackenzie Coke
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Curtis S. Chin speakerThe former US ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, Curtis S. Chin, writes for the South China Morning Post about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Curtis explains that the AIIB could bring about the evolution towards better relations between Beijing and it’s many neighbours and trading partners.

There has been some trouble getting support from three major Southeast Asian economies, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. According to Curtis, “What is already clear – particularly in the case of the Philippines – is that China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea has carried over into suspicions in the region about Beijing’s true goals.”

Curtis urges two questions as this institution gets up and running to help finance Asia’s unmet infrastructural needs. First, “how will China shape the AIIB into the lean, clean, and green international finance institution that Beijing has promised?” Second, “How will China pursue it’s national interests while also respecting all AIIB shareholders?”

Ultimately, Curtis S. Chin believes that if China will listen to the Asian nations that are speaking up, this will result in a more balanced and continued economic dynamism in the region.

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Curtis S. Chin Speaker
Curtis S. Chin
Former U.S. Ambassador, Asian Development Bank