Covid-19 Geopolitical Consequences

Rafe Fletcher
editor at Chartwell Speakers

The coronavirus outbreak raises big geo-political questions:

  • The shifting role of the state 
  • Thefuture of populism and protectionism 
  • The future of the Eurozone 
  • 2020 US elections 
  • US – China relations
  • Instability in emerging markets
  • The future of globalisation

What is the evidence already telling us about these issues and what lessons, if any, can we draw from the previous crisis, the Great Recession? 

Meanwhile, international firms have to contend with the profound economic fallout from international lockdown measures. Can firms modify their strategies and risk functions so as to better respond to the shifting landscape? How can they improve their internal capabilities to better identify and map the potential impacts of this crisis across their business? 

Matt Goodwin and Derek Leatherdale present insights from both theory and practice in discussing the causes and consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. 

About the co-presenters: 

Matt Goodwin is a leading professor of political risk. He successfully forecast votes for Brexit, Trump and the 2019 UK Conservative Party victory. Matt is the author of the 2018 Sunday Times bestseller, ‘National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy’. 

Derek Leatherdale is the former head of Geopolitical Risk at a major international bank. He is the founder of GRI Strategies and helps companies navigate political uncertain