Corporate War Games

What is a war game?

A war game is a moderated and time-limited simulation game in which competing players respond to simulated scenarios and attempt to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves. Competitors are carefully briefed to play out a scenario, with the objective being to enhance their ability to make correct decisions in the real world.

The concept was first developed in Washington DC to help US government departments like the State Department and the CIA think creatively through strategic challenges facing the United States.

What type of scenario can it analyse?

War Games can be tailored to illuminate potential outcomes in a wide range of contexts – from exploring the political risk of  Brexit to scrutinizing the balance of power in Asia Pacific, or the impact of prolonged low oil prices.  War games can also be an invaluable tool to big business – analysing the potential impacts of industry trends and guiding corporate strategy.

Use a War Game to test your business strategy

Scenario simulations as experienced in a war game are powerful, and under-used, business tools. Ideally suited for board off-sites and annual strategy conferences, they enable decision-makers to accurately explore how a range of strategic options might actually impact on their business.

EU WARGAMES: Simulating the negotiations that will determine Britain’s place in Europe

Why use a war game?

  • Test strategic assumptions in a real-life scenarios
  • Bespoke games tailored to your agenda
  • Ideally suited to board off-sites and annual strategy conferences
  • Underutilised, fun and memorable

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Corporate War Games Practitioners


Dr John Hulsman
ubs-wargames in FT article

John Hulsman War Games speaker

Former Washington DC insider John Hulsman is an expert commentator on the political economy of the EU, US, emerging markets, and the Middle East. Now based in Germany, he runs a political risk consulting firm. John is a sought-after War Game facilitator and has run games in London, Washington, Berlin and New Dehli. He is the author of the ‘hinge point’ gaming format.

“John leads an extremely engaging and unique format which creates a fantastic opportunity for delegate interaction and networking. A real boost to any business conference agenda.” – Sarah Armstrong, Editor-In-Chief, FundForum



Chris Paton

Chris Paton speaker war games

Former Royal Marine, Chris Paton addresses the issue of the all too frequent gap between strategy and execution, often the result of planning procedures that lack quality and stress-resistance. Using real-life examples from both the military and business and based on his own personal experience in highly complex situations, Chris demonstrates convincingly the importance of organisations being agile and open to change – and above all how they can build these capabilities through war games.





FEATURE: Watch Dr John Hulsman on the key strategic implications of Brexit and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union


FEATURE: Chris Paton explains Business Wargaming


BBC War Games with John HulsmanRecent War Game sessions and coverage about John Hulsman:

EU referendum: playing war games over UK future

EU WARGAMES: Simulating the negotiations that will determine Britain’s place in Europe

John Hulsman discusses the geopolitical risk icebergs for the gas industry



War Games played recently…

John Hulsman has played War Games with some of the city’s leading political, financial and strategic minds on the following topics. Many more than once!

  • Stopping ISIS
  • The Geopolitics of European Energy (Vladimir Putin)
  • Where is the next financial crisis coming from?
  • The European Refugee Crisis
  • Emerging Markets and Fed Tightening
  • The US opening to Castro’s Cuba
  • Global Demography as a factor in investment
  • The politics of arriving at the future European Energy Mix
  • Corporate Gas Strategies
  • The Battle of the Airlines
  • Grexit
  • The Eurozone Political Crisis
  • The US Presidential Election
  • The Ukraine Crisis

The U.S. vs. North Korea: Inside a Pentagon war game






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