Chris Parry on the world in 2025

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Great to see Chris Parry at Chartwell’s offices the other day. Chris, a former Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy, is one of the UK’s leading strategic thinkers and commentators. As a senior military advisor to the UK Government, Chris led strategic and tactical planning for the post 9/11 invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as being responsible for the doctrinal and conceptual development of all three UK Armed Forces to 2025.

Chris now spends much of his time advising private and public sector agencies about future trends, innovative approaches and dynamic change management. He was fascinating about some of the key challenges we face, including continued instability in the Arab world, growing levels of migration, the harmful impact of rising sea levels, and the danger of growing conflict between India and China over access to fresh water.

Chris, who served in the Fleet Air Arm, was mentioned in despatches during the Falklands War for the helicopter rescue of 16 SAS men from Fortuna Glacier, South Georgia, and for his role in detecting and disabling the Argentinian submarine ARA Santa Fe. He later commanded HMS Gloucester, HMS Fearless and the United Kingdom’s Amphibious Task Group. He recently published his diary of the Falklands campaign.