Chartwell's leading voices on the complex geopolitical landscape

Toby Mossop
editor at Chartwell Speakers

The current global geopolitical situation is undeniably volatile, marked by a complex web of challenges and conflicts that have the potential to reshape the world order. The intensifying competition between major powers, particularly the U.S., China and Russia, driven by differences in political ideology and economic influence, has far-reaching implications for global stability. 

The struggle for dominance in various spheres, including technology, trade, and regional influence, has sparked tensions in Asia, Europe and beyond. 

In a world that is increasingly challenging to navigate, Chartwell Speakers is fortunate to work with a wide range of Geopolitical experts, who can offer their thoughts and insights into the challenges facing the world:

Jeremy Fleming
Former Director of GCHQ, the UK’s Intelligence, Cyber and Security Agency

Leslie Vinjamuri
Director of the US and Americas programme at Chatham House and Professor of International Relations at SOAS University

Gideon Rachman speaker

Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator at Financial Times and Author of “The Age of The Strongman: How the Cult of the Leader Threatens Democracy Around the World”

Bilahari Kausikan
Chairman of the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore and Ambassador to the United Nations (1995-1998)

dominic raab

Dominic Raab
Deputy Prime Minister of the UK between 2021 and 2022 and held six Cabinet posts including Foreign Secretary, Brexit Secretary and Justice Secretary 

George Yeo speaker

George Yeo
Former Cabinet member of the Singapore Government (1991-2011) who held positions including Minister for Trade & Industry, Minister for Health and Minister for Foreign Affairs

Yuan Yang
Europe-China Correspondent at Financial Times and Co-Founder of the global network, Rethinking Economics

Kersti Kaljiulaid
Former President of the Republic of Estonia (2016-2021) and named in Forbes 2017 “Most 100 Powerful Women”

Francis Fukuyama
Leading expert on global political economy, former advisor to the US Government and author of ‘Liberalism and Its Discontents’ (2022) 

Parag Khanna speaker

Parag Khanna
Founder of FutureMap, a data based strategic advisory firm and author of seven bestelling books including “Move: Where People Are Going for a Better Future” (2021)

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