Doddington 2023

Chartwell Annual Offsite 2023

Chartwell Team
administrator at Chartwell Speakers

This July, the Chartwell team assembled at Doddington Hall for our annual offsite, hosted by James Birch, our Chairman; the Lincolnshire countryside was the perfect environment for us to brainstorm, bond and recharge.

Monday 10th July

We traveled from across the UK, the US, Singapore, Italy and Ireland, meeting for lunch on Monday 10th July. We were treated to a fabulous barbecue feast at the Hall, enjoying fresh ingredients grown on the estate.

We then got to work – putting our heads together to strategise key areas of the business, encouraging open discussions and creativity as we engaged in strategic brainstorming sessions, addressing key business challenges and identifying growth opportunities.

Meetings wrapped up and we were off to enjoy some time in the great outdoors. James Birch lead us on an E-bike ride around the beautiful grounds of Doddington – as we cycled across the estate’s picturesque trails, we learnt all about their re-wilding projects and even met the resident Mangalitza pigs!

In the evening, newer team members were taken on a tour of the Hall, where they learnt about the estate’s rich history and exquisite architecture. We then enjoyed a delightful three-course meal in the beautiful dining hall, recounting the day’s events.

Tuesday 11th July

Bright and early we indulged in a hearty breakfast in the bike shop cafe, before we met again to discuss the business, exciting new projects and of course, share news and updates on our speakers. We discussed upcoming trends and insights for the speaking industry, as well as our plans for the future.

We had a final team lunch in the cafe, again enjoying fresh, Doddington produce, before we bid our farewells and headed home.

By stepping outside of our usual work environment, we were able to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and develop innovative solutions. This offsite helped to facilitate a deeper understanding within the team, strengthen our collaborative spirit and enhance the quality of our strategic decisions.

We are grateful for the opportunity to come together, both as colleagues and as friends, and look forward to the year ahead.