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Chandran Nair

Great chat with Chandran Nair this morning. Certainly a man who relishes telling people what they do not want to hear! Check out his new(ish) book ‘Consumptionomics: Asia’s Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet’ here:

Perhaps being European isn’t so bad after all…

Being European doesn’t look much fun right now. The contradictions inherent in the monetary union are slowly and painfully playing themselves out, with the prospect of severe political and economic pain looming ever larger by the day. The more hysterical of my continental friends are talking of emigration to some new land of hope, either

An unexpected truth?

The majority of news outlets are claiming that Barack Obama’s deficit deal was a crushing defeat, with Newsweek stating that ‘Obama gives it all away.’ Today in The Times, Anatole Kaletsky shows how this perception is in fact rather more debatable than that. He highlights the US convention for cumulating budget reductions over 10 year periods. The

Attack of the unexpected

You might suppose the bibliography of a futurologist to be full of works boldly proclaiming the future; not so in the case of trendspotter Magnus Lindkvist. After a coffee with our Head of Research, Leo von Bulow Quirk, Magnus very kindly sent us copies of “The Attack of the Unexpected” (Marshall Cavendish 2011) and “Everything

Space race: US stops running

Today marked the final touch down of the space shuttle Atlantis. For the first time in 30 years NASA no longer has the ability to send its own astronauts into space. And it faces a 9% cut in its annual budget. As the US grapples with possible default, space exploration is not a priority. Foreign

Chinese yachting revolution no certainty

As the Chinese super rich look for ways to spend their millions, buying a yacht is certainly one one way in which they can splash their cash. Whilst many observers claim that there exists great potential for a lucrative yachting culture to take off in the world’s fastest growing major economy, others are more hesitant

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