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The Niggle

Something was bothering me last week – one of those annoying niggles that lurks at the back of your mind without you being able to put your finger on exactly what it is. It was there at the intimate evening roundtable event with Lord Lamont, during which we discussed the intricate pros & cons of

A good start to 2012…

This morning Matt Ridley popped into our offices for a coffee and a catch-up, and to share his reassuringly positive worldview at a time of such doom and gloom in the financial markets. Matt  put forward the case that although things look grim now, in the long term there’s no reason why living standards can’t

2012 topics, in no particular order…

2012 topics, in no particular order Eurozone, future of; European Union, outlook for; Arab World, what happens next (NB: Egypt and Syria)?; Political leaders, are they up to it?; Global economy, will it or won’t it?; Iran and Israel, will they?; sub-Saharan Africa, challenges and opportunities; the US, race for the White House, economic outlook,

The Commonwealth can save not only Britain, but humanity itself…

Not long ago in these pages we discussed how Whitehall sees the Commonwealth as key if Britain is to withstand the challenges of a globalising world. For Chandran Nair, the Commonwealth also has a crucial significance, not only for Britain, but for the very sustainability of capitalism and humanity itself. After seeing our original post, he

Who are the world’s greenest companies?

The latest issue of Newsweek leads with an interesting ranking of the world’s 100 greenest companies. The criteria include an assessment of the businesses’ footprint, their policies to manage it, and the transparency of their self reporting. The company ranked number one is Munich Re, provider of global risk solutions. American founded computer giant IBM

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