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Alec Ross

Alec Ross on the next Trillion-Dollar industry

Alec Ross is one of America’s leading experts on innovation, and how technology is transforming global business, trade and leadership. For four years he served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor for innovation. We all understand how globalization, digitalization and the internet have had a world-changing impact on markets and businesses over the

British Biologist Niall McCann

British biologist and activist, Niall McCann, joins Chartwell’s roster

We are delighted to be representing British biologist and activist, Niall McCann.  Niall has dedicated his life to resolving the ongoing struggle in the conflict between humans and Wildlife.  He has specialised on working with endangered species alongside his zoological research across six continents. We caught up with Naill over coffee last week, to hear about

Britain needs a strategy

Personal observations #5 (and #6): Britain needs a strategy …

I wrote back in the summer of 2015 about Britain’s lack of direction, and how this is a bad thing for a small’ish island with no resources to speak of which has to live off its wits and its people and play the global system as best as it can. Here’s an excerpt: “A narrative of

Hillary Clinton

Personal observations #3: Hillary Clinton knows too much

Hillary Clinton might be tougher and better qualified than Donald Trump, and in possession of a formidable campaigning and fundraising machine, but she has the disadvantage of incumbency. This makes her look tired, and has her pulling around baggage that the American people have been peering into for too long, which must be humiliating. Her adult


Personal observations #4: Democracies should use technology innovation to improve their political processes

Mature, open democracies like the US and UK are unsurprisingly obsessed with technology innovation. The principal attraction – beyond humanity’s incurable impulse to invent and improve (read Matt Ridley’s brilliant The Evolution of Everything) – appears to be creating more wealth and more jobs. So David Cameron dreams of creating a British Google or Apple. And Silicon Valley’s ability

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