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Charting 60 years on the throne

Lunch today with Robert Hardman, a leading authority on the United Kingdom’s Constitutional Monarchy, an institution which continues to combine pomp with quiet efficiency; and which remains the keystone of Britain’s Parliamentary democracy. Very few journalists are as close to the Windsors. In recent years, Robert has interviewed members of the Royal Family for a series of

2012 topics, in no particular order…

2012 topics, in no particular order Eurozone, future of; European Union, outlook for; Arab World, what happens next (NB: Egypt and Syria)?; Political leaders, are they up to it?; Global economy, will it or won’t it?; Iran and Israel, will they?; sub-Saharan Africa, challenges and opportunities; the US, race for the White House, economic outlook,

Charlie Chaplin in Mumbai

Good luck to our friends at Editorial Intelligence, who are heading off to India today to launch Names not Numbers in Mumbai. Yesterday I went along to a showing of Deepak Verma’s Mumbai Charlie in Somerset House. A young businessman, uncomfortably thrust into a senior role in the family business, has a car crash en route

The Norwegian response to terror

Erik Bergesen provides expert insight into Norway’s reaction to Anders Breivik’s attacks on Parliament and Utoya which killed more than 90 people in the Huffington Post today. Erik compares the reaction of the US after 9/11 to the Norwegian reaction after the events of last weekend. While the United States took tighter security measures, Norway is avoiding

TEDGlobal 2011 kicks off in Edinburgh

This year’s TEDGlobal conference is under way in Edinburgh and promises not to disappoint in showcasing some of the world’s leading thinkers and expert public speakers. The usual format is that the speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can. Past presenters

“Everything will be alright”

Brian Eno, legendary pioneer of electronic music, has never been known for his sunny outlook. True, he did co-found Roxy Music; yes, he has produced a back catalogue of widely acclaimed solo projects, and indeed, he has worked with a roster of pop giants, from Talking Heads and David Bowie to U2 and Coldplay, that would make most other producers green

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