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Sir Christopher Meyer on the crumbling international order

Sir Christopher Meyer on the crumbling international order

In a recent op-ed for the Daily Telegraph, Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to the US (1997-2003) and Germany (1997), argues that the post-1945 international order is rapidly falling apart. The UN has proved ineffective in Syria and against Isis; European unity is disintegrating into ugly nationalism in the face of the Greek sovereign

Andrew Sheng, keynote speaker and renowned expert on sustainable finance, explores the implications of July’s ‘stress test’ on China’s stock markets.

The current slump, while not necessarily desirable, represents a ‘natural market correction’ Andrew Sheng asserts, writing for Project Syndicate.  Before its sharp falls from a June 12 peak of 5166, the Shanghai composite index had climbed 150% over the preceding 12 months. This crash is the latest example of the instability and unsustainability of ‘highly

"Lower oil prices should give way to reforms" argues economist Nasser Saidi

“Lower oil prices should give way to reforms” argues economist Nasser Saidi

Dr. Nasser Saidi, the former Chief Economist for Dubai International Financial Centre (2006-12), has argued that “the drop in oil price provides the ‘Perfect Storm’ opportunity for policy reforms.” With the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) facing both the pressure of lower oil and export revenues as well as a loss of competitiveness due to the appreciating

International economist Dambisa Moyo explains why “China is no model for poor countries”

Dambisa Moyo, an international economist with expertise on the BRICs and the frontier economies, has explained in an essay for the Wall Street Journal why “China is no model for poor countries.” Noting that the world’s emerging economies are facing an emerging crisis, Dambisa believes that whilst state-centered growth may seem like an answer to popular unrest, the long-term costs are

Ian Bremmer, a leading speaker on global risk, reviews lessons learnt from emerging markets

Ian Bremmer, an acclaimed author, speaker and expert on global risk, discussed the “rise of the rest” in the New Statesmen, asking what emerging markets can tell us about the world today. Ian describes how emerging markets have become a lifeline for the global economy, as they are expected to continue to emerge, providing much-needed global growth and

Leading economics speaker George Magnus: China’s property bubble really could burst

Very interesting (and rather ominous) op-ed on China’s property market in today’s FT by George Magnus, former chief economist of, and now independent economic adviser to, UBS. There have been murmurings about the health China’s property market for a while, but, says George, now we should really be paying attention. Why? Because: While official figures

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