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Gaining Currency - The Rise of the Renminbi

Gaining Currency – The Rise of the Renminbi

By Raleigh Addington In 7th-century China, the Song dynasty issued the world’s first paper currency. Later, in the 13th century, Kublai Khan issued the first-ever currency to circulate widely despite not being backed by commodities or precious metals. China also hosted the first currency war and experienced one of the first episodes of hyperinflation. Against this

Top 10 US Election 2016 Speakers

US Election: Top speakers for global conferences

Presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump polarise opinion and place the US Election top of the 2016 agenda. Now more than ever leaders need insight into what the final election results will mean for their companies, their employees and their clients. These top speakers for global conferences offer expert analysis and commentary into this

Dr Scilla Elworthy appearing at Wilderness festival 2016

Dr Scilla Elworthy to speak at the Wilderness festival 2016

Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Chartwell speaker, Dr Scilla Elworthy will be appearing on August 6th at the Wilderness festival for ‘The World If’ in conjunction with The Economist ‘WorldIF’ series that presents possible future scenarios in the fields of politics, business, technology and history for rigorous discussion. A panel of esteemed experts, including


Pioneering thinker and robotics expert: Dario Floreano

Delighted to announce that Chartwell are now representing Dario Floreano, leading robotics expert and A.I. and the director of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). As a founder and director of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Robotics, Daris is responsible for funding and pushing forward research

Leading political commentator, Janan Ganesh makes the case for a Labour party split

Janan Ganesh, leading political commentator, believes that a Labour party split could win over dispossessed Remainers despite its risks. Citing the Limehouse declaration of 1981 – where a split in the Labour party ultimately served to fragment the anti-Thatcher vote – Janan suggests that the party’s “current commitment to togetherness would make sense” if it weren’t

Chartwell asks Dr John Hulsman: What are the key strategic implications of Brexit?

Chartwell asks Dr John Hulsman: What are the key strategic implications of Brexit? (video)

The political fallout from Brexit since David Cameron’s resignation as Prime Minister have been extraordinary, and contributed to a widespread sense of uncertainty about what happens next is a subject we’ve been following very carefully. We think much of the analysis has been highly subjective, overly emotional and short term. We also think this ‘what

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