Workplace innovation speakers

Maria Hatzistefanis Speaker
Maria Hatzistefanis
Founder of Rodial & NIP+FAB, Leading motivational female entrepreneur
Nic Miller Speaker
Nic Miller
Leading Expert in Cyber Security and helping SME's become efficient in cyber security
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker
Ed Newton-Rex
Artificial Intelligence in Music Expert, Keynote Speaker
lisa bodell
Lisa Bodell Speaker
Lisa Bodell
Globally Recognized Expert on Innovation and Leading Change
Aaron Dignan Speaker
Aaron Dignan
Founder at The Ready
Zena Everett Speaker
Zena Everett
Speaker on time management: From Crazy Busy to Happy Productive
Ben Voyer Speaker
Ben Voyer
L'Oreal Professor of Marketing
Terence Mauri Speaker
Terence Mauri
Inspiring leaders to thrive in the age of disruption
Kirk Vallis speaking
Kirk Vallis Speaker
Kirk Vallis
Creative leader, Coach and Behaviour Change Agent
Seth Mattison Speaker
Seth Mattison
Workforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter
Daniel Susskind Speaker
Daniel Susskind
Expert on the Future of Work
Ricardo Semler Speaker
Ricardo Semler
Visionary leader with employee-centric approach to management
Richie Contartesi Speaker
Richie Contartesi
Former Professional Football Player
Simon Sinek speaking
Simon Sinek Speaker
Simon Sinek
Best-selling author, "Start With Why"
Michael Acton Smith Speaker
Michael Acton Smith
Co Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of Calm
Charles Adler speaker
Charles Adler Speaker
Charles Adler
Co-founder, Kickstarter
Bruce Daisley
Bruce Daisley Speaker
Bruce Daisley
Ex Twitter VP and Author of "The Joy of Work" & "Fortitude: Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Strength"
Paul Markillie Speaker
Paul Markillie
World expert on the disruptive impact of new technologies