TED Speakers speakers

Nigel Marsh Speaker
Nigel Marsh
Renowned Commentator on Leadership & Corporate Performance
Morry Morgan Speaker
Morry Morgan
Award-Winning China-Based Entrepreneur
Muhammad Yunus Speaker
Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize-winning Social Entrepreneur
Scott Parazynski Speaker
Scott Parazynski
Astronaut and Technology Pioneer
Ravi Venkatesan Speaker
Ravi Venkatesan
Former Chairman of Microsoft India
Apollo Robbins Speaker
Apollo Robbins
Master Pick-Pocket & Entertainer
Simon Sinek Speaker
Simon Sinek
Best-selling author, "Start With Why"
Bjørn Lomborg Speaker
Bjørn Lomborg
Renowned Environmentalist & Author
Leo Johnson Speaker
Leo Johnson
Expert in Business Sustainability
Erik Brynjolfsson Speaker
Erik Brynjolfsson
Leading Expert on the Economic Impact of Technology
David McCandless Speaker
David McCandless
Data-Journalism Pioneer
Randi Zuckerberg Speaker
Randi Zuckerberg
Former Marketing Director, Facebook
Alison Lester Speaker
Alison Lester
Renowned Communication Trainer
Déborah Berebichez Speaker
Déborah Berebichez
Vice President of Risk Analysis at MSCI
Alyque Padamsee Speaker
Alyque Padamsee
Brand Father of Indian advertising
Jared Diamond Speaker
Jared Diamond
Professor of Geography, UCLA
Anne Lise Kjaer Speaker
Anne Lise Kjaer
Futurist and Entrepreneur
Jonathon Porritt Speaker
Jonathon Porritt
Co-Founder, Forum for the Future
Dambisa Moyo Speaker
Dambisa Moyo
Expert on the Macroeconomy & Global Affairs
Brian Cox Speaker
Brian Cox
Popular Scientist, TV Presenter and Best-selling Author

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