TED speakers

Rishabh Java Speaker
Rishabh Java
Inventor and creator of robots and technology driven solutions
Jude Kelly Speaker
Jude Kelly
Foremost thought leaders on gender, creativity, diversity and inclusion
Jeff Butler Speaker
Jeff Butler
Millennial Generational Expert
Vivienne Ming Speaker
Vivienne Ming
Theoretical Neuroscientist, Technologist & Entrepreneur
Jennifer Siebel Newsom Speaker
Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Documentary Filmmaker & Advocate for Women
Brittany Packnett Speaker
Brittany Packnett
Black Lives Matter Activist
Sterling Hawkins Speaker
Sterling Hawkins
Speaker on Innovation, Transformational Leadership and Exponential Growth
Ken Hughes Speaker
Ken Hughes
Leading Consumer & Retail Shopper Behaviorist
Marc Raibert Speaker
Marc Raibert
Chairman & CEO of Boston Dynamics
Scott McArthur Speaker
Scott McArthur
Keynote speaker on transformation, mindfulness and the digital age
Leah Busque Speaker
Leah Busque
Entrepreneur and founder of TaskRabbit
Alec Ross Speaker
Alec Ross
American technology policy expert
Laura Storm Speaker
Laura Storm
Founder of Regenerators
Ben Voyer Speaker
Ben Voyer
L'Oreal Professor of Marketing
Solomon Hykes Speaker
Solomon Hykes
Computer science expert and Innovator. Co-Founder of Docker
Byron V. Garrett Speaker
Byron V. Garrett
Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA)
Olaf Groth Speaker
Olaf Groth
Expert on Disruptive Technology Trends & Futures
Ann Shoket Speaker
Ann Shoket
Author & Thought Leader for Millennial Women
Nataly Kogan Speaker
Nataly Kogan
Happiness Expert and Venture Capitalist
Matt Whiat Speaker
Matt Whiat
Former U.S. Air Force Officer

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